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“De macht om vrijheid van welke aard dan ook te onderdrukken, zelfs de vrijheid van liefde en plezier, dient geen ander doel dan macht.”
G. Kaplan en L. Rogers

Hitler, A.: How Could a Monster Succeed in Blinding a Nation?
Insights Into Causal Pathways for Ischemic Heart Disease
The Natural Child Project - Alice Miller
The Institute for Psychohistory
Trauma Information Pages
Child Trauma Academy

The Leadership Council
Miller, A., The Roots of Violence are NOT Unknown
Platform Natuurlijk Ouderschap
Project NoSpank
The Natural Child Project
The Natural Child Project - Alice Miller
The Origins of Peace and Violence
Early Childhood Brain Development & Communication Trauma:
Attachment Disorder and Trauma Resilience With Allan Schore:
InBrief: The Impact of Early Adversity on Children's Development (Video)
Mother-Infant Bonding & The Intelligence of the Heart:
Geweldloze communicatie:
Dr. Bruce Perry-Born for Love: Why empathy is essential and endangerd: 
Family problems experienced in childhood and adolescence affect brain development:
Kinderen emotioneel nabij zijn: 
How to parent with attunement and creativity:
A video talk with Robin Grille about the need of a neuro-social evolution:
Martin Teicher: de neurobiologische gevolgen van kindermisbruik:
Risk of Harm from Spanking Confirmed by Analysis of Five Decades of Research:   
Allicance for Transforming the Lives of Children:
Center on the Development Child:
Grand delusions; Psychotherapies without Feeling:

The impact of prenatal life on our common future!:





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